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Mark Your Calendars for the Sooner Time Collectors Christmas Party

Jennifer and Mike Bowen, 324 Oak Springs Dr, Edmond, OK will host the Christmas Party on Saturday, December 15, 2:30.  Be thinking about the dish you will bring for Pot Luck and a great Dirty Santa Gift.


Future Clock Repair Classes

Jay Holloway has agreed to conduct many different clock repair classes for us.  He would like to schedule something for April or May.  The following is a list of his suggested classes.

Please review the following list and list them in the order of your preference, and email your list to Jennifer Bowen.

Her email address is-


Spring Barrel Service and Repair

Westminster Clock Movement Assembly and setup

Kitchen clock lever installation and setup

Replacing Lantern Pinion Pins

Statue Repair and Finishing

Clock case finish restoration

Dial Chapter Ring and Number Painting

Dial Artwork and Picture Painting

If you have other ideas of a class you would be interested in, list it as well and if there is enough interest we can get in touch with Jay and see if it is a possibility.

Sooner Time Collectors

NAWCC Chapter 74



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